David Mills

Thanks for visiting the site! My hope is that you and your family will enjoy these photos for years to come.  For those of you who have been with me a while, I have finally been able to partner with a Professional Photo Lab to offer you prints of various sizes, and various photos gifts etc.  When you click on "BUY" there are 3 options.  #1 Prints (actual printed photos), #2 Keepsakes (buttons, postcards, mousepads, ceramic tiles etc.) #3 Downloads (download right to your computer to be saved and printed by you at a later date).  The watermark will be removed when you pay for the images.  If you are printing yourself, you'll need to bring a "digital download license" as the store (Walmart, Walgreen's etc.) typically recognizes professional work and will ask you if you took the photos. Just show them the document and there will be no problem. Just open the folder below and click on the download icon. Feel free to contact me at dmills660722@comcast.net with any questions and THANK YOU for your support of my passion for photography.

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